Il 5-Second trucco per visto eb1 e eb2

.. receiving my card. I trusted them because they absolutely know how USCIS operates. I told my family and friends to watched his tiktok/youtube videos and not hesitate to set an appointment because they have a friendly and helpful staff. More Power to you Ashoori Law!!!read more

As discussed above, the E-2 treaty investor or employee may travel abroad and will generally be granted an automatic two-year period of readmission when returning to the United States. Unless the family members are accompanying the E-2 treaty investor or employee at the time the latter seeks readmission to the United States, or the family members separately travel abroad and return to the United States within the new readmission period, the new readmission period will not apply to the family members.

It has been a great pleasure working with Ashoori law. They have been very professional and took care of me like a family. I highly recommend them to anyone needing immigration help.

I am very happy with the service provided by Ashoori Law firm. I have processed my green card and employment authorization card from Ashoor Law.

Sei legalmente oggi negli Stati Uniti? Il trasferimento di situazione è disponibile derelitto Verso i non immigranti che sono legalmente presenti negli Stati Uniti. Oltre a questo, Riserva sei all’forestiero, non ti qualificherai In un scambio intorno a condizione invece dovrai preferire il svolgimento consolare.

Dubbio non avete i requisiti per sollecitare l’ESTA ovvero Riserva la vostra richiesta né è stata approvata, potete comunque viaggiare negli Stati Uniti munendovi che un visto. Ci vuole assolutamente tanto più Spazio In ottenerlo e lido molto che più.

The E2 visa also allows you to bring your spouse here and your unmarried children under 21 years old with you to the US. Your spouse can get work authorization to work anywhere Durante the US and your children can attend school Sopra the US.

My company started processing with Ashoori Law and I must say they are very knowledgeable of the process. They guided me through each steps.

Ashoori Law provided such great service, they were very responsive to all questions, fast, great value and have a streamlined modern process which was really easy to use. As with anyone who is Per mezzo di the position of immigrating to the US knows, it can... be a intimidating process, but Ashoori Law make sure that you never feel Con over your head. I was impressed at how much Lahaina Araneta, Esq, understood my case (EB1 Green Card) and not only did Lahaina to help with any questions along the way, several assistants were always available to cover anything else needed.

È importante chiarire di quale visto USA si ha stento Inizialmente di iniziare a compilarne la istanza. In questo luogo Giù trovi i svariati visti e le finalità intorno a escursione i quali ricoprono.

They are very knowledgeable and professional. I couldn’t be more... pleased with the services that they provided to me. I would highly recommend Ashoori Law to anyone with legal more

Ashoori Law team went out of there way to show us they cared and give us the best service. So far Because of them my green card application process is going very well. I really recommend to anyone who is looking immigration process advice.

DONT TRY THIS ALONE! The staff I worked with at Ashoori knew how to take all of our answers from within their online portal and fill out every gov form, along with knowing what documents we needed to supply to USCIS.PS: follow their YouTube account for interview tips and time-table updates- it helps calm the nerves.Thank you guys ❤️R&Cread more

Tutti i documenti necessari In viaggiare negli USA: mentre agire l'ESTA e ogni volta che Viceversa occorre il visto, il passaporto elettronico e l'Impegno medica.

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